• HOS BV offers the option to inspect a sold compressor. This is valid for bigger Industrial reciprocating compressors and screw compressors
  • In this case the refrigeration compressor is opened and a visual inspection is performed on overall state of the compressor
  • Clearance measurements are taken on critical components (depending on type and brand of the refrigeration compressor)
  • During this whole process photos are taken
  • An inspection report is then made with all findings, photos and our recommendations in regard to needed degree of overhauling (no overhauling needed / partial overhauling needed (parts) / full overhauling needed)


Also in the case of a pre-agreed full overhauling the process starts with inspection as described above

  • Full overhauling is performed by specialized and certified professionals in our dedicated overhauling department
  • Also after a full overhauling a leakage test is performed on the compressor
  • After sign-off by the Chief Technical Officer the compressor is released for industrial cleaning and spray-painting if so agreed with the customer
  • The refrigeration compressor then gets packaged for safe transport