Used industrial / commercial refrigeration equipment

With over 75.000 m2 of inventory HOS BV is Europe’s largest specialist for used industrial refrigeration equipment. We sell industrial refrigeration equipment in the following categories:

  • Industrial refrigeration compressors: reciprocating and screw-compressors from all known brands such as Bitzer, DWM, Sabroe, Grasso, Mycom, Frick/York, Copeland, Carrier, L’Unité Hermetique and others
  • Refrigeration evaporators: Suitable for Freon, NH3 and Glycol. Brands like Helpman, Goedhart, Guntner, Kuba, Delta, Lu-Ve, Profroid and others
  • Refrigeration condensers: in all varieties like air-cooled, water-cooled, dry coolers, evaporative condensers and cooling towers from brands such as Guntner, Helpman, Goedhart, Baltimore, Evapco, Kuba, Lu-Ve, Polacel and others.
  • Industrial water-chillers: both air-cooled and water-cooled from brands like Carrier, Trane, York, Lennox, Climaveneta, Ciat, Bluebox/Western and others.
  • Freezers: IQF, tunnel-freezers, spiral-freezers, horizontal and vertical-plate-freezers from brands like Frigoscandia, Meyn, GTI, Numafa, Advanced and Jackstone.

Ice Machines: ranging in capacity from 300kg up to 200.000 kg per 24 hours from brands like Geneglace, Stal-Astra en Liquid Ice Iskerfi for making Flake Ice and liquid ice.

Why should you consider buying used industrial / commercial refrigeration equipment:

  • Flexibility in a short term economy. Where new industrial refrigeration equipment makes sense in a 10-15 year strategy, it does make far less sense when your company strategy horizon is 5 years or even less. You may also have a temporary need for extra capacity before renovation of your infrastructure or even moving to new facilities.
  • Budget restrictions.
  • Sustainability, we give used industrial refrigeration equipment another life and more often than not our equipment is used for another 5, 10, 15 or even more years. Otherwise this equipment would have got “scrapped”.
  • Direct availability in an industry, where delivery times for new equipment can often be months.
  • In case of complete industrial refrigeration installations we can make all necessary capacity calculations and we will have all necessary refrigeration equipment on stock. In other words, we can act as your “one-stop-shop”.
  • We also buy industrial refrigeration equipment. So for example, you have bought a water-cooled chiller from us and three years later you need more capacity. It is possible for us to sell you a bigger capacity water-chiller and buy back the old one.
  • We have all the necessary skills in-house to deliver you 100% functional refrigeration equipment. From testing the fans on an evaporator to a full industrial Screw compressor overhauling, it is all done by HOS BV and does not get subcontracted out to another party.

 “Choosing for HOS BV means you are choosing for flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. With a proven track-record of delivering successful projects and with over 75.000m2 of inventory we believe we are your best possible partner for all of your refrigeration requirements”.