Organising transport and arranging Transport- and Export documentation:

HOS BV works together with a large network of transporters and freight forwarders, so we can organize transport of your refrigeration equipment through various modes of transportation, whether via road, sea or air.

As a consequence in most cases we are able to organize transport more efficiently and at lower cost.

For the Netherlands we also have the option of delivering equipment with a truck and crane, for those cases where on the delivery location there are limited means to unload the equipment or to place it on a roof for example.

When HOS BV organizes the transport of equipment, this comes with arranging all necessary transport documentation.

Within the Netherlands this means a Beurtvaart only and within the EU a CMR is sufficient.

When exporting outside the EU it can get a lot more complex, with different regulations and associated export documents per country. HOS BV has the experience of dealing with all those different scenarios, so the customer does not have to deal with it.