Company profile

HOS BV was founded 15 years ago by it’s current owner and CEO Ted Swart and has grown to Europe’s largest specialist for used industrial / commercial refrigeration equipment with over 75.000 m2 of inventory. Based in Hillegom (15 minutes from Amsterdam Airport) customers world-wide are served with our products.

We have a product range that encompasses basically the complete spectrum of refrigeration equipment, from the smallest cooling compressors to the largest Spiral Freezer and everything in between.

Furthermore we can offer equipment options for all refrigerants, from Freon to NH3 and from Glycol to CO2.

Sourcing refrigeration equipment from HOS BV means choosing flexible, durable  and financially attractive solutions that can benefit every business tactically, strategically and financially.

Every piece of equipment we sell is tested through strict testing protocols and measured against Quality Standards, ensuring full functionality when delivered to our customers.

We have the capability to run complex cooling capacity calculations, so we can propose technical concept installations for customers who do not have this ability. We have standard questionnaires which customers can fill out in order to provide us the information to make these calculations and present back the best possible solution for the customer’s requirements.

The HOS BV website allows potential customers to easily select the refrigeration  equipment they are interested in and within the chosen product category  customer can sort and filter on brand, refrigerant, capacity etc.