Project Location: Egypt 

Type facility: Vegetable processing and export

Installation: Flow Freezer and Falling Film installation

Project completed: May 2018 

Project description:

Installation was delivered, containing a fully refurbished FrigoscandiaFFB 26 ADF 4.500 kg/hr

Freezers FloFreezer for freezing 4.500 kg/h vegetables and an Omega Falling Film for cooling vegetables.

A brand new fine mesh belt was delivered as well for the FloFreezer making the FloFreezer capable of also freezing the smallest types of vegetables.

Sabroe SAB163 HF 3x compressor installation is used as refrigeration machine for the Flo Freezer and a Sabroe SAB 128 as high pressure unit and for refrigeration of the Falling Film installation.


The project was installed by our Egyptian installation partner and went live in 2018