Fat-Hens-Sadat City-Egypt

Project Location: Sadat City, Egypt 

Type facility: Vegetable processing and ready-meal preparation 

Installation: Complete cooling/freezing installation 

Project completed: May 2018 

Project description:

Because of the dual purpose nature of all the different rooms (Corridors and processing area’s etc. on the one hand and -32C freezing storage on the other hand) HOS BV has chosen a booster set-up for the refrigeration plant. A Frick/York compressor low stage (294kW at -32C/-11C) and 4 Frick/York compressors high stage (2.404kW at -11C/+40C) with a Swing/Low stage compressor compressor for back-up. 

For the freezing rooms NH3 evaporators were chosen, for all rooms where people are working Glycol evaporators were chosen. For the water system HOS BV selected a Grasso Chiller solution with RC49/RC69 (593kW at +2C/+40C) For the P-Glycol system a GEA Shell and Tube solution was selected (450kW at -11C evaporation temperature) with Glycol Temp in +3C / Temp out -2C 

All compressors were fully overhauled with 30.000 hours revision kits under customer’s supervision and final inspection prior to shipment. The system has been installed by our Egyptian installation partner and has been running to full satisfaction since May 2018.