Project Location: Ramadan City, Egypt

Type facility: Food cold storage / freezing storage

Installation: Complete cooling/freezing installation

Project completed: September 2017

Project description:

A 15.000 ton facility for cold storage and freezing storage located in Ramadan City, Egypt. HOS BV delivered a complete NH3 solution with Compressor frames, Evaporating Condensors, Evaporators and all necessary peripherals, including Control Panels to run the complete refrigeration installation. A Grasso central refrigeration plant is used to run the multi-purpose cold storage and freezing storage combined with an NH3 pump system (-28C low pressure separator and -8C separator with capacity matching NH3 pumps)

Two pieces Grasso S1 screw compressors in high stage and two pieces Grasso S52 in low stage in booster set-up make up the central refrigeration plant.

Compressors were re-conditioned prior to shipment and installation was performed based on P&ID delivered by HOS BV. The installation has been running succesfully since September 2017