Selling your used industrial refrigeration equipment to HOS BV:

Do you have an refrigeration installation that has become redundant, are you perhaps moving your operation or are you replacing your current installation?

There is a good chance that the refrigeration machines still represent some economical value and that we can give them a second life with another customer.

We can take care of de-installation and have qualified staff and all necessary certificates to do so in a safe and professional way and conforming with all current legislation. We can also take care of the organisation of equipment to not only de-install, but also to remove and transport away your equipment. We are happy to come view your operation and provide you with an all-inclusive offer for de-installation.

If you wish to offer us your equipment, simply send us an e-mail to , or send a WhattsApp message directly to tel:+31619595969 preferably with some pictures of the equipment, in particular of the refrigeration machine tags.