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Sell your equipment

We purchase almost any secondhand and redundant cooling units, parts and installations. This includes the compressor “unit”, evaporators, condensers, waterchillers, heat exchangers, blast and spiral freezers and all parts connected with it. The cooling/freezing systems should be suitable for HCFC, HFC, Ammonia, Glycol or Co2. Please, have a look at our current available stock to experience what we have to offer.  

If you want to offer/sell your equipment but you wonder if we are interested, you can use the form below, give us a call or sent an E-mail towards our purchasing director Mr. Ted Swart (ted@hosbv.com).  

Before we make a purchase we normally make a site visit to assess the material and estimate the value.

Important points during this review:

  • Normally we only purchase equipment in the Netherlands, Belgium and western part of Germany. This to keep the transport costs at an acceptable level.
  • Before we accept cooling systems that are assembled on site, the refrigerant has to be removed. Packaged units are accepted including refrigerant.
  • We prefer to do the dismantling and removal of the equipment by our specialized and fully certified team. Especially in the case of larger and more complex cooling systems.
  • For all equipment we purchase, it is important to have all original documentation, drawings, certificates, datasheets and log-books. Larger and more complex systems have a very limited value without full documentation.

Please use the form on the left to offer your equipment. We will contact you as soon as possible with a proper offer.