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We only sell secondhand refrigeration equipment/machines and parts that are related to air-conditioning, cooling- and freezing installations. Compressors, evaporators, condensers and waterchillers in all sizes and capacities for the H(C)FC type refrigerants as for Ammonia, Glycol and Co2. Furthermore we also sell cooling towers and dry-coolers, pumps, vessels up to complete spiral- and tunnel freezers. This basically means; For every inquiry we have an option available!

Our website has a most of our machines listed. This stock list will give you an impression of what we can offer. Of course we are more than happy to assist/help you on a suitable offer based on your needs and requirements. In addition, we also provide support for system engineering.

In the world of refrigeration we are known to have a very broad range of machines available which we have direct available for our customers. All machines which are on our website, are in fact in our warehouse and waiting for their new owner.

There are many ways to get prices (only provided by mail) from us:

If you want to make an inquiry, feel free to use our “request offer form” which can be found on the bottom of every machine at the webpage. This inquiry will be automatically send to our general mail and we will be handled a.s.a.p.. It is also possible to send your inquiry directly to our commercial director Mr. Iwan Ooms (iwan@hosbv.com).

At the end, in most of the cases, the price is the main reason. Rather it is the value you get for the money.

We give you 8 reasons:

Reason 1

If you are sure that the machine/equipment or part is needed for 10 to 15 years a new installation would be the most logical option. But nowadays we live in a short term economy; 5 years is already relative long. This means that used equipment could be a serious option. It can also be that you need some more cooling capacity for a couple of years before a renovation of your buildings, production or cooling facility.

Reason 2

Although money is relative cheap, you may simply have no money available on this moment to invest in a new installation. You may have other priorities. With a used waterchiller you can earn in a cheap way some money.

Reason 3

Most of the redundant technical equipment is not at the end of its technical lifetime. We have (even older) units available that can run another 5, 10,15 or even more years. So from sustainability point of view it is very positive to grant this units a second life.

Reason 4

We have all units on stock. So a replacement unit or compressor for your installation is direct available (checked/tested).

Reason 5

We have all parts you need for your installation: compressors, evaporators, condensers, waterchillers, refrigeration parts, pumps, electrical components etc. which is easy for you and gives you extra security.

Reason 6

For extra security we can also help you with the selection of equipment, the parts needed and even with the system engineering. We have practical solutions and lots of experience available for you.

Reason 7

We have a very large stock of equipment in a very wide range. So big change that we have what you need.

Reason 8

We sell but also purchase equipment. This means that when you need for example more chiller capacity, you can add an extra chiller. But this requires extra piping (extra costs) and floor space (expensive) . We are also able to offer you a larger chiller and swap this for your existing unit.

We purchase almost any secondhand and redundant cooling units, parts and installations. This includes the compressor “unit”, evaporators, condensers, waterchillers, heat exchangers, blast and spiral freezers and all parts connected with it. The cooling/freezing systems should be suitable for HCFC, HFC, Ammonia, Glycol or Co2. Please, have a look at our current available stock to experience what we have to offer.  

If you want to offer/sell your equipment but you wonder if we are interested, you can use the form below, give us a call or sent an E-mail towards our purchasing director Mr. Ted Swart (ted@hosbv.com).  

Before we make a purchase we normally make a site visit to assess the material and estimate the value.

Important points during this review:

The warranty has to be seen in conjunction with the quality of the machine(s), its price and your expectations.

All machines which we sell will be checked/tested before loading/delivery (exception are the sales under “as is where is, ex works” terms). The specific tests are various depending on the machine and sale conditions. Some basic inspections are:

Warranty  for sales inside Netherlands:

The standard warranty is 3 months after loading/delivery date and limited to replacement parts only. Replacement is subject to our judgement.

Warranty  for sales outside Netherlands:

For export it is basically impossible to provide warranty on paper, this due to the fact that we have absolutely no idea who will make the installation on site. If they connect for example one wire wrong, the compressor can burn. As mentioned all machines will be tested (exception are the sales under “as is where is, ex works” terms) and customers will be provided with good running/working machines. It is possible to make video of the testing for your review or send your own engineer to our company to make the tests together with our engineers.

Different warranty conditions can be discussed but need to be agreed before the order is placed.

Delivery within Europe is mostly done by road transport. Our experience is that in most cases the customer (specially outside Netherlands) arranges the transport their selves. Not only is this probably cheaper, but they can manage/communicate better with local forwarder. On request we can also ask a quote from our local forwarders.

Delivery outside Europe is mostly done by sea transport. We have a very close connection with a Forwarder company which provides very good prices. Of course it’s no problem to communicate with your forwarder.

Our standard sale/delivery conditions is/are; “loaded on transport, af Hillegom (Netherlands)”

FYI: Our quoted transport prices are always 1 on 1 as a service to our customers.

If you’re only in need for the price of a machine and/or part which you have found on our stocklist, that is of course ok. But in case you need more engineering information or technical support, we are also here to answer your all of your questions. Our colleague and technical director Eng. Marcel Hazeu (marcel@hosbv.com) is happy to assist you.

For example about installations, controls, maintenance and many other topics. But also about engineering: Machine sizing, load calculation, system design, pump selection and many other.

We may ask a small fee for more complex and time consuming engineering or support issues. Obviously we only provide engineering related to the machines/equipment and parts we sell.

This is clear: We don’t do any installation works. When required and possible, we can put you in touch with a local contractor but we do not arrange any installation work ourselves. On the other hand, most of customer have already a local refrigeration company which provides service/maintenance to their current installation, so it’s not necessary to provide this service at all.

We can offer supervision during installation. This is a good addition when a big and complex machine needs to be installed. Last year for example, we delivered two complete spiral freezers (4 trailers) for a project in Bulgaria including supervision during assembly of the freezer. Supervision is always charged separately based on actual hours (ask for more information).

For several years, you can also rent equipment from us. We call it “budget” rental as you rent the same equipment as on our stock list but we do not offer any service support. Pricewise it is a very attractive way to arrange your cooling, specially when the application is not very high profile and you have your own technical department or partner who can support you on the service side. It can also be a simple and effective way to test the equipment before buying it.

As said, we rent out complete machines like waterchillers but also compressors, evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers, cooling towers etc. Basically all which is listed on our stock lists!

Not every machine we purchase is sellable. Sometimes the machine is too old or have malfunction on some parts. In that case we dismantle the unit and put some selected parts on stock which are still in good running/function condition.

Over the years we have built an impressive stock of all kinds of general refrigeration parts (solenoid valves, TXV’s, pressure regulating valves etc.) and units to make specific parts like control equipment for Carrier or Trane for example. We have also a large number of water- and liquid pumps, buffer vessels and all kinds of VSD’s and soft starters.

Sometimes parts are no longer produced by its supplier, this happens for example due to new product ranges or oldness of the part. In this case you need a replacement part for an existing machine, we may have it readily available for you.

Even when you need auxiliary parts for your low budget installation, we can help you for sure.

These smaller parts are only listed in a very limited way on our standard stocklists. Feel free to contact us by phone or email in case you need parts.